SpaWhite In-Spa Teeth Whitening Treatment
SpaWhite In-Spa Teeth Whitening Treatment EFFECTIVE | FAST | EASY | AFFORDABLE | SAFE

Men and Women across the nation are saying SpaWhite is the best alternative to the dental office for whiter teeth. Now you can get professional grade whitening at a fraction of the cost with much less sensitivity in a quick 15-30 minute SpaWhite treatment!


People demand instant results and SpaWhite delivers those results in the comfort of a spa. For most people, the average whitening results are an immediate 2-4 shade increase with a SpaWhite Express whitening and a 4-7 shade increase with a SpaWhite Silver whitening (30 min). Smiles are age defying, so your new brighter smile will make you look and feel younger! Below are actual results of SpaWhite Silver (30 min) and SpaWhite Express (15 min) whitening’s!

Fast as the Speed of Light

The Daylight 5K, a gentle cool blue LED light, used to accelerate the whitening process and the mild pressure on your teeth from our patented carbamide peroxide impregnated memory foam strips whitens your teeth in record time! There is no longer a need to sit in a dental chair for hours or spend several weeks using whitestrips or cumbersome bleaching trays. The Easy Way to Pamper Your Smile

Say goodbye to uncomfortable cheek retractors and the sterile dental office environment. Now you can have your teeth whitened in a relaxing spa environment by a SpaWhite certified teeth whitening specialist. Furthermore, you won’t have to suffer from painful zingers often associated with in-office dental whitening’s. SpaWhite’s simple process and uniquely formulated neutral Ph peroxide solution matches the Ph of the human mouth greatly minimizing tooth sensitivity.

Exceptional Value. No More Ridiculous Dental Prices!

Dentists charge unreasonable prices to whiten your teeth with similar technology. SpaWhite achieves comparable results without the cost. SpaWhite treatments start at $129 compared to most in office dental whitening’s of $300-$600.

SpaWhite is SAFE

SpaWhite was created by a research and development team of dentists and scientists to be gentle yet effective on your teeth. Its peroxide formula has been proven to be safe on your tooth enamel. “The safety of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide has been documented on numerous studies. The use of hydrogen peroxide in dentistry can be traced back more than 100 years.” –Dentistry Today Magazine

20 minute teeth whitening
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Sale price: $50.00
40 minute Teeth whitening Spa White Silver
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