PureMoist™ LipColours (SPF18)

PureMoist™ LipColours (SPF18)
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Product Description

Our lipsticks contain no synthetic dyes. We only color with iron oxides and carmine.

- Lips lack oil glands. Our conditioning, moisturizing formula is designed to be a drink for your lips.
- Lips burn. Our unique formula contains edible zinc for full-spectrum sun protection of an SPF 18.
- For a natural look, choose a LipColour that harmonizes with your blush. Or use the blush as a lip liner. Try Jane LipColour and Whisper blush, or Sharon LipColour with Sheer Honey blush.
- Fill in the entire mouth with pencil and apply a LipShere on top, e.g. Rose/Laura.
- Layer different LipColours for a deeper, richer look.