Moonglow & Sunbeam - 24K-Gold Bronzers

Moonglow & Sunbeam - 24K-Gold Bronzers
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Product Description

Moonglow & Sunbeam are quads of golden bronze, copper-toned shades designed to be used individually on eyes and cheeks or as an all-over highlighter.

This subtle, yet sexy combination brightens up any complexion and can be as soft or dramatic as the wearer desires.

The gentle shimmer in these bronzers comes from 24-Karat food grade gold flakes that provide a natural, flattering glow wherever you decide to put it.

Like all Jane Iredale products, they can be used on eyes, cheeks, lips – even all over the face or décolleté for a more glamorous look – because there are no FD&C dyes or irritants used in the products.